Pentecost & Pinwheels

'Candles' photo (c) 2006, Brimstone - license:

Today is Pentecost,  the birthday of the Church! We started the Treasure Box time by lighting a candle for two reasons. One: it is a birthday candle for the Church. Two: it symbolizes the tongues of fire resting on the everyone when the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost.

We read the story “God Sends Help” from the Jesus Storybook Bible about Pentecost.

Suddenly, a strong wind filled the little room, whistling through the walls, rustling the straw on the floor. And there — on everyone’s heads, shining in the gloom — were flickering flames. Fire that didn’t hurt or burn.

And something more: inside, in their hearts, they felt a strange heat, almost as if all the coldness and hardness were melting away. As if their broken hearts were mending. And God was giving them brand new hearts — hearts that could work properly.

I told the kids to imagine that little flame on top of their heads while I read the story to them. Then, we talked about the story and how the Holy Spirit came and gave the Apostles amazing power to teach people about Jesus and perform miracles. In the coming weeks I plan to talk more about the Holy Spirit to the kids in the hopes that it will inspire them, and all of us, to use our gifts both within our home church community as well as outside it as well.

Since wind was a major part of the story today we made pinwheels so we could see the wind blow. There are tons of DIY pinwheel instructions on the internet. I used this one. The kids colored their pinwheels and and glued on clipart pictures of flames, wind, and doves since these are Holy Spirit pinwheels.  Unfortunately, our pinwheels didn’t spin. But we did have fun making them. And they turned out very cute, too.

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